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Escape the Attic, If You Can!

It’s another day of endless knocking on doors. Your knuckles tap with the knock, knock, knock of a pro, only you’re no pro. You’ve been knocking on countless doors in Flint, Michigan for over three months trying to sell Faux Pest Control, and each time you’re met with the same, lackluster results. Everything changed, however, when you knocked on Kenny the Cannibal’s door.

Now you’re in big trouble. The infamous serial killer grins at you with dark, glittering eyes. If only you’d taken a step back. If only you’d quit selling this junk while you were already behind. Before you even have a chance to speak, he grabs you swiftly and yanks you into his dark house. You’re forcefully shoved up the stairs, into a dusty attic where no one can hear your cries for help.

Kenny knows a search party will come out looking for you eventually, so he sets fire to the first floor and flees, burning the evidence in his wake. Time is ticking, and you only have an hour to find a box of mementos as proof of Kenny’s heinous crimes and escape before the bottom floor isn’t the only thing going up in flames. Developed by family-owned Big Brain Escape, Escape the Attic is the result of two years of research into the art of crafting the best escape rooms across the country. You won’t be disappointed as you and your group of 2-8 work together to unlock the riddles and clues designed to lead you to Kenny’s mementos and the key that will set you free.

Our escape rooms, located in Davis County, Utah, are the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones in an engaging activity that promotes creativity, brainstorming, and quick-thinking. Ditch the movie theater, which only provides you with passive, fictional scenes, and immerse yourself in an interactive, fictional reality with our thrilling escape room.

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