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Looking for a Fun Family Night Out? Why Not Try to ESCAPE!?

Escape rooms are some of the best pastimes you can enjoy with the family. While awakening your intellect and natural problem-solving instincts, these activities offer a sort of fun that cannot be found in other forms of gaming and puzzle-solving. When done with family, these games can reinvigorate relationships and bring you closer to your loved ones with each passing moment, as you engage in fun, yet enduringly effective trust and communication exercises. For your next family night out, look no further than Big Brain Escape.

How an Escape Room Can Bring Your Family Closer

When lounging at home, you may have noticed that your family can become slightly disconnected from each other. Everyone has their own bedrooms to retire to: The kids can power on their gaming consoles and completely withdraw from the surrounding world, while you reserve yourself to your preferred activities as well. While it is certainly healthy for everyone to have their alone time now and then, doing this too often can begin to wear on your familial relationships.

By choosing to spend your evening or weekend out in an escape room, you ensure that your family will spend genuine, quality time with one another, apart from screens and other distractions. You can invest your full attention in one another, bonding in ways that are not always afforded to you.

Since an escape room requires that each member of your family works together to resolve the theme's problem, parents can show their children just how much they value their children's opinions and intellect.

For children, this helps to boost confidence in themselves and grow their sense of self-worth, as they can demonstrate to their family that they are capable of identifying solutions to complex problems. Further, no one can be a passive player in an escape room, so all members of your family will have the chance to demonstrate their intellectual capacity and teamwork skills in real-time.

Visit Big Brain Escape for a Night of Family Fun

At Big Brain Escape, we encourage families to get together and build connections in unique and exciting ways. Here, you can take on the challenge of “Escaping the Attic” or working your way out of the custody of a corrupt town sheriff, all with your family by your side. For a weekend of memorable fun with your loved ones, visit Big Brain Escape in Bountiful, Utah.

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