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A Company Event the Employees Will Never Forget!

Across the nation, we are seeing an uptick in the number of professional teams who use escape rooms as a resource for team-building exercises – and for good reason! Many understand these facilities to function as purely recreational getaways. Yet, they can serve as valuable tools for encouraging collaboration between colleagues and inspiring new, effective communicative practices between all members of your company. If you’re wondering how an escape room may help your team grow together, see the key insights below.

How an Escape Room Can Nurture Stronger Professional Relationships

One central feature of escape rooms is that they compel participants to venture out of their comfort zones and interact with others in ways they otherwise would not. For example, when working together in a group setting to resolve a puzzle such as “escaping the attic” here at Big Brain Escape, each player is required to naturally find their place in the team dynamic.

Once they have identified their role in the group, they can begin to practice the most effective forms of communication and collaboration to progress the group toward a resolution. This progress is dependent on all members’ ability to recognize the value of each other’s input, and trust one other’s ability to make substantial contributions to the group’s ultimate objective.

An escape room offers a highly unique method with which to approach such team-building exercises – methods that are often far more effective and long-lasting than the typical company retreats. Those standard events, although well-intentioned, tend to over-emphasize discussion and theory as opposed to practice and implementation. However, at Big Brain Escape, you and your staff can walk the talk and discover new ways to relate to one another, all while having loads of fun.

Host Your Next Company Gathering at Big Brain Escape

Big Brain Escape offers adrenaline-pumping fun for companies of all kinds. Our rooms are suitable for groups up to eight members in size, and are sure to provide engaging, high-intensity puzzle-solving challenges that all are sure to enjoy. If you and your staff are in need of a revitalized team dynamic, look to Bountiful, UT for your next Escape.

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