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5 Reasons Escape Rooms Are So Popular

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years and stolen the hearts of people throughout the nation. The heart-pumping intensity of puzzle-solving with a group of friends or strangers attracts people from every corner of the U.S.; yet what is it precisely that makes escape rooms so lovable?

Humans Naturally Love Games

By nature, human beings love games – and escape rooms are the ultimate form of that. When playing through an escape room, the psychological “buttons” that are being pushed primarily include feelings of aptitude and significance. Working with a group of people to solve riddles and puzzles reminds us of our value and competence.

Players Get a Confidence Boost

One of the most prominent psychological rewards people get from solving an escape room is increased confidence levels within themselves and others. Teamwork requires trust, and these games are a great way to cultivate it – and thus, confidence in self and others – without too much pressure or anything at stake.

You Get a Chance to Shine

Your role in the escape room is determined by your individual strengths. By finding your place on a team and fulfilling those responsibilities to work your way out, you have the chance to show yourself and others just how amazing your unique talents are.

Getting into a “Flow”

According to the “flow theory,” when you are “in the zone” (a mental state in which someone is hyper-focused, yet balanced), your psychological functioning becomes much more streamlined and clearer. During this time, you tend to feel much freer and in control. Time even seems to move much faster while you are in this state.

The Thrill of Escape

Psychologists believe that the assurance of safety during your escape allows you to experience the full breadth and vulnerability of emotions in high-intensity situations, without paralyzing fear. You get to savor every pulse of excitement while knowing there is nothing truly at risk.

At Big Brain Escape, you can experience all these psychological impacts and more. Come live out an adventure in which you and your friends can grow together, where you can increase your self-confidence, and find your “flow” in an adrenaline-filled game like no other. It’s all at your fingertips at the brand-new facility, Big Brain Escape.

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