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Finding the Thrill of Escape in Bountiful, UT

Escape rooms are becoming some of the most popular pastimes across the nation. These real-life puzzle scenarios offer a burst of adrenaline and mental stimulation, unlike many other types of gaming available today. This is only part of what gets the general public so enthused about gathering a group of their friends and throwing themselves into a heart-pumping, meticulously designed trial. Now, for the residents and neighbors of Bountiful, Utah, these thrills just got a bit closer to home.

How Does an Escape Room Work?

Escape rooms are the ultimate form of bringing “what-if” scenarios into real life. Have you ever been watching a suspense movie and imagined how you would perform in the scenarios shown on-screen? When you go to an escape room, you won’t have to wonder anymore.

In these puzzle-solving games, you and a group of friends are locked inside a room for 45 minutes to an hour. You must team up and unlock the mysteries hinted by various hints hidden inside your location to escape. As you progress through the riddles and clues, your objective is to find the key and free all locked inside. These games are not only extremely entertaining but help to improve your quick, critical thinking skills as well!

Exhilarating Challenges at Big Brain Escape Room

The residents of Davis County, Utah now have the chance to experience these games for themselves. Big Brain Escape is a brand-new escape room in Bountiful, UT, inspired by years of studying renowned escape room designs throughout the States. This family-owned facility was created to encourage local Utahns to activate their innovative thinking and simultaneously "escape" from life's stressors by living through exciting fictional circumstances.

Get a group of 2-8 people together and see if you can solve your way out of a debacle with a fictional, corrupt town sheriff in 60 minutes or less. Once you free yourself from the clutches of "Stake Your Claim," Big Brain Escape will be ready to welcome you into "Escape the Attic." If you're ready to experience an excitement unlike any other game can provide, visit Big Brain Escape! The facility is in full compliance with COVID-19 restrictions and is ready to usher you into a whole new world of fun today.

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